Our Goals

Our Vision

Shaping the future of citizens by preserving our nature, culture and heritage, developing infrastructure, discovering new knowledge and sharing our resources with people in need.  

Our Mission

Social, economic and infrastructure development of Nepal through multi-sectoral collaboration, partnership and coordination with the Government, civil societies and national/international development organizations.


a) General Objective is to:
Reach the unreached through humanitarian and social welfare actions as not for profit humanitarian organization.

b) Specific Objectives are to:

  • Provide humanitarian support during disaster and public health emergencies to the affected population.
  • Engage, inspire and nurture children, adolescent and young people to become active participants in health, education, community development including sport.
  • Ensure safety and security of elders, children, girls and women of Nepal and promote social inclusion in Governance.
  • Organize communication campaigns and activities including national and international training, workshops, conferences, seminars and festivals on emerging and re-emerging issues.
  • Build linkages and partnership with national and international organizations and individuals to raise funds and resources support for infrastructure development.
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