Fourth Project announced by Dhurmus Suntali Foundation in Japan: Sajha Sabal

Fourth Project announced by Dhurmus Suntali Foundation in Japan: Sajha Sabal

When hundreds of Nepalese waved the flags of Nepal in an event hall in Nakano Jiro, Dhurmus Suntali were full of emotions. A great mass of Nepalese in Japan honored and accolade the couple for their great work and the moment was indeed very emotional.

The couple who went a weeklong visit of Japan and to perform in a show participated in this program where people wanted to help for their deeds and upcoming projects. The show was conducted through two segments; honoring the couple and also performing the comedy show namely "Dhurmus Suntali Saanjh 2017". The event was fruitful from a perspective that they received good financial aids from people attending the show. The organizer claimed this was the most successful event that they ever organized. In the event people got to see their lovable artists "Dhurmus" Sitaram Kattel and "Suntali" Kunjana Ghimire along with host Dinesh DC, popular pop singer Dipak Bajracharya and comedian "Bange Ba" Dipak Acharya performing at the same stage.

According to the organizers, they were able to raise fund of 28 lakh 60 thousand 8 hundred and 83 Nepalese rupees through the event and charity dinner combined. The amount has been handed over to Dhurmus Suntali foundation. The chairman of organizer, Sunrise Corporation, Rabindra Shrestha said a total of 14 lakh 30 thousand 2 rupees was collected within the audience which was doubled through contribution from City Express as per the remittance's chairman Mahesh Shrestha. The event was supported by lot of volunteers and the flags of Nepal waiving all around truly made the event magnificent.

On the presence of Bhuwan Bhatta, co-chairman of NRN, the event was organized where many high profiled individuals from different sector together honored the couple. Thus, in the event Dhurmus Suntali said they want to continue working on integrated settlements that will create a strong bond between Himal, Pahad and Terai. The couple and the team of their foundation has already completed three integrated community till date known as Pahari Basti, Unified Giranchour Model Village and Musahar Basti respectively in Kavre, Sindupalchowk and Mahotari. Nevertheless, Sitaram Kattel "Dhurmus", chairman of the foundation has announced his next and fourth project. He said that the love, admiration and suggestion of Nepalese in Japan has been a great motive and thus presented the plans and strategies of his new project. He said he wants to build a tourist attraction and a mass integrated settlement that would represent whole Nepal.


Apart from that, in the event City Express made a lucky draw that would enable 30 lucky winners to send money 12 times in Nepal for free. The couple drew the lucky winners where one lucky winner Ramesh KC 0got a chance to get a round ticket to and forth Japan and Nepal. Overall, "Dhurmus Suntali Saanjh 2017" was a huge success.